Mark Moodie Publications

If one observes western humanity over the last, say, one hundred years, there has been a tremendous improvement in many areas of life. Much of the credit goes to Science and her daughter Technology. However, despite the obvious ecological and personal 'side effects' of this progress, the scientific establishment believes that all will be well if we just push on in the same mode that brought us to this point. I think that this is one-sided and, therefore, very dangerous.

My hunch is that a major factor in the present destruction of Nature and the dehumanisation of individuals was latent in the initial trajectory when this project was launched. To press on without reexamining our progress and reconsidering how to proceed is to hasten our demise.

The tools of science - open minds, free collaboration, clear free thinking and disinterested investigation - are the treasures to retain. The assumptions - that life and consciousness can be explained from the basis of matter, matter is not created or destroyed, science has achieved objectivity, objectivity will clarify the only way - these assumptions are to be reassessed with those tools. Such a reassessment might flesh out our unbalanced culture. Perhaps, in this way, what is one-sided can be seen in the round and, where appropriate, dismantled before it collapses.

Any new understanding needs to pass through rational filters so there is background-reading to be done. Some of that reading was not available in English - Erbe, Nastati & The Wheatsmith - or not collected together - Flowforms & Kaviraj. Any 'new' approach needs to be tested in practice because this is the arbiter between different paradigms, so all of the books here, directly or indirectly, are practical ones. They are about things that can be done. Nothing would please me more than if collaborators were spurred to activity by these publications - and please report back.