Homeopathy for Farm and Garden

Homoeopathy for Farm and Garden

Vaikunthanath das Kaviraj

ISBN - 978-0-9517890-5-6

200 pages

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Homoeopathy raises two main questions in the mind of the unfamiliar scientist. "Does it work?" and "How the hell can it work?" One way to find an answer to the first question is to try it on something that is unlikely to be susceptible to the placebo effect. In this instance I mean plants which are the subject of this book. (I have tried to answer the second question and my attempt (72 Kb pdf) can be downloaded from the articles section.)

So ... is this book an elaborate hoax to help sell snake-oil to the gullible? Is it yet another attempt by those with no scientific understanding to try and foist an absurd alternative therapy onto new victims? Or is this the start of an agriculture which doesn't poison the world? Is this the application of a two hundred year old science without a history of side-effects to a new arena which needs assistance? What are the implications of treating the plant and not the pest or disease organism?

This book raises many questions ... and answers many of them, but I hope that energy can also be lifted from the hypothetical and into the practical. Concretely this means that I hope people will use remedies on their land and then we will really have something to discuss. I hope that there will be the same weight of anecdote which many find sufficiently convincing in relation to treatment of humans. But I also hope that students and researchers will do the tough tests that raise anecdote towards the heady goal of 'proof'.

The web site mentioned in the book is awesome. All experiences can be be logged there to develop the discipline in the same way as homoeopathy has grown for humans and animals.

The story of this book for me ... I found a report of a permaculture convention in which this work was mentioned. Since I had not come across it in the intervening years I surfed the web and found a blog by a wounded veteran of the first Gulf War who had been greatly assisted by a homoeopath called Kaviraj in Holland - and the connection was a phone call away. Invite me to supper and I'll tell you that rest of that story one day!

The book pursues the aim of health for plants along the lines of classical Hahnemannian homoeopathy - one remedy at a time, totality of the symptoms - and all the other rocks which have underpinned homoeopathy for humans for 200 years. It is presented in the same fashion as homoeopathy is for humans, as a materia medica and a repertory. An unpublished body of work in such an urgent arena with so many stories of success - that's a book that needed a sympathetic publisher.

There is some material in the book that I dispute, or feel could be looked at in a more productive way. If I can award myself sufficient time I would like to write this all down and compare it to the other methods using potentised remedies. But I am very pleased to have worked with Kaviraj in bringing this book out for everyone's scrutiny. Get one!