Enzo Nastati's work


Enzo has protected plants from frosts, developed new plant characteristics, removed heavy metals from subsoils, increased yields in general as well as specific ones such as essential oil fractions, removed rats from a rubbish dump, helped plants to recover after being flattened by 3 hail storms in 90 minutes, put hair back on the rumps of stabled cattle, kept GM pollen off corn crops .... all with potentised preparations or with forms .... and translated the gospels from the ancient greek, written about 80 books, given courses all over the world, built new flowforms, designed formidable buildings including those in his home community's eco-village in North Italy, developed new potentising techniques, developed water purification appliances and forms to protect people from em radiation.

Too much for one person to do well? - there's more! If you are interested here is your chance to find out how he ticks ... I first heard of Enzo Nastati in 2003, from the Italian husband of an old college friend. When I heard that Enzo called his discipline 'homeodynamics' I thought that he must be a Steiner-wannabee and dismissed him out of hand on that basis alone, and promptly forgot about it.

I met Enzo just before Christmas in 2006 without making any connection to the above episode. I was helping out a busy friend who had no time to pick him up from the airport and show him around. It took me a while to realise that he was something a little special. What was initially impressive was sitting in on two hours of his lectures about the farm organism. Here was someone who draws on many many disciplines - anthroposophy, classical homeopathy, initiation sceince, art of the great masters, the gospels, and original insights - bringing them all together to substantiate his points. Now he has given several talks and courses in the UK. Whether or not it is a wholly positive experience for everyone, no one forgets his talks. I even think our dear Quack Busters would like him because it must be very efficient to round up an astrologer, a homeopath, and a Christian all in one person.

I have now spent a lot of time translating his works into English, putting on courses in the UK, and studying with Enzo in Italy. I think that he has a lot of good things to say: where I understand him I agree and that encourages me to give him the benefit of the doubt for those things that I don't yet understand. I recommend you read some of this stuff so you can make up your own mind. The menu to the left has miraculously expanded - help yourself.